Marrow Digital is a boutique technology agency that helps CEO’s and their teams, to grow and innovate. By leading the engagement and bringing forth established engineering partnerships with multiple services providers across the globe, enabling for you to scale as your business scales.

By following an integrative approach, we help you optimize your product roadmap from just a vision to the best best market fit, from product strategy to design, and engineering and with over 22 years of professional experience across many industries. We are dedicated to helping companies solve their biggest web challenges through enriching solutions using the best practices and innovations in development, design and user experience (UX/UI). We strive to help our clients solve their biggest web challenges through innovative and enriching solutions using the best practices in design, development and user experience.

We don’t believe that great products should be exclusive for large and well-financed companies; we believe that innovations in development and design level the playing field and allow emerging businesses to achieve professional aesthetics at an affordable price. Having helped a number of start-ups, achieve their vision, we know what it takes to go from an idea to an MVP, to funding. If you are raising money, hiring developers, scaling technology, or just need to deliver faster, we should talk.

We currently headquartered in New York City Metropolitan area.

SPECIALTIES: Web Technology Consulting, Project/Product Management, Responsive Website Design and Development, Web Application Design and Development, Dashboard and Content Management System Development, Front and Backend Framework Database Development (User Profiles, Real-time Booking Systems, Paywalls), PHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace Specialists, API Integration, Data Visualization, Rapid Prototyping, A/B Testing, Exploded-View Application Development.